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How to Apply Magnetic Eyeliner

and get the lash look you want in minutes.



Curious about how to apply your magnetic eyeliner for your eye makeup? You've come to the right place. Get ready to nail that cat eye look! Our lash system allows you to apply magnetic false eyelashes without the hassle of glue or dealing with the fall-out of eyelash extensions. How great is that? We're going to show you how to get gorgeous, long, show-stopping eyelashes with our easy, step-by-step tutorial guide. But first, you need to know how to do your eyeliner like a pro. 




Before we get started, let's talk about all the hype over MoxieLash Magnetic Liquid liners and lashes. Our magnetic eyelash liner removes the need for lash glue and provides a way to get the lash look you want in just a matter of minutes. You don't have to worry about that weird tacky feeling that lash-glue gives you or fear that when you remove your lashes, your real ones will come off in the removal process. (We are sending you a virtual hug because we've all been there.)


Thankfully, with MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner, there's a new way to have the look of lash extensions without taking the risk of losing your real ones. And, our proprietary formula with Iron Oxide is safe to use. Every ingredient checks out as "safe" on the EWG.


Besides that, we know your busy. Have you ever tried to apply eyelashes with glue when you are pressed for time and in a rush? More times than not, unless you are a makeup artist or have tons of practice using them, it gets frustrating, which is where MoxieLash comes into play. Our Magnetic Eyeliner for lashes is easy to use and a quick way to apply all our Magnetic Eyelash styles. 

How to Apply Eyeliner for Magnetic Lashes  

Here is a step-by-step tutorial we made to show you exactly how to do eyeliner  for magnetic lashes in ten seconds and how easy the process is. Trust us - it's a million times less complicated than having to figure out how to squeeze your natural lashes between two magnetized ones. Have you tried that before? It's a pain, which is another reason why the MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner is so revolutionary and well, rather magical in our not-so-humble opinion.


Alright, here are our easy instructions to getting gorgeous and glam lashes that you can wear to the grocery store or a special occasion.


First, apply your eyeshadow before you start to apply your magnetic eyeliner.



Step 1. Apply your eyeshadow design and curl your lashes with the MoxieLash Curler. If you are using mascara, you can apply that before you apply your magnetic lash strip.


Next, apply your magnetic eyeliner along your lash-line-- start from your inner lash line and trace it until you get to you outer lashline.


Step 2. Grab your Magnetic Eyeliner and gently swipe it along your upper lash line from the inside corner to the outside. You want to make sure that you are applying it as close to your lash line as possible so that your false lashes look like your own. Once it's completely applied, allow it to dry for three minutes or until it is no longer tacky. You can do the "dry test" to see if any residue comes off. If it does, you need to allow it to dry longer before moving on to step three.


Now that your magnetic eyeliner is on, you can apply your magnetic eyelashes.


Step 3. Next, it's decision time. Which style of MoxieLash Magnetic Lashes are you going to choose? Bold and fierce, soft and fluffy, or ah-la-natural? The decision is hard when they are all amazing, we know. Once you have made your MoxieLash choice, gently bend the lash strip to better fit your lash line. And last but not least, place your MoxieLash Magnetic Lash set along your lash line and watch the magic happen.


Need some Magnetic Lash Suggestions? Check out our most popular below!



Now that your magnetic eyeliner is on, you can apply your magnetic eyelashes.


Your lashes will instantly lock into place and leave you with long, gorgeous eyelashes without having to use lash glue or needing a two-hour lash fill. Who has the time? Plus, applying lashes with our Magnetic Eyeliner hardly takes any time, making the process even better.

Application Hint: You can use our Magnetic Eyelash Applicator to place your magnetic lashes deeper into your lash hair to look as natural as possible.

How to Apply Magnetic Eyeliner for Eyelashes Youtube Video


Here is our step-by-step YouTube tutorial for you to check out as well. For even more of our YouTube videos, go HERE!


How to Remove Magnetic Eyeliner for Eyelashes

Once again, we like to make things simple for you, which means not overcomplicating the process. To remove your magnetic eyeliner, simply remove your lashes first by gently lifting them off from the outside corner to the inside. Next, remove the magnetic eyeliner with your All-In-1 Makeup Remover.  You can also remove eyeliner from your magnets with this too!


Easy, right?

After you have removed your lashes, make sure to put them away in their lash-case. If you take care of them properly, you can use them up to 30 times! In other words, don't leave them on a random counter where they can easily get junk on them or, God forbid, become your cat's latest furry friend. You should be able to use them every day for an entire month.

Andconsidering that lash extensions cost three times as much, and you have to have them refilled every two weeks, we are pretty pumped for you! You get to save yourself some time, money, and the potential for an allergic reaction (those google pics are awful-looking). Learning how to do eyeliner for magnetic lashes might become your new favorite thing in your beauty routine. We hope it is anyways.


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