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    Our NEW Vibrant Magnetic Gel Color Eyeliners Just Arrived!

    Our Magnetic Gel Eyeliners are here, and they are stunning! Available in Blue, Peacock, Purple, and Burgundy—these creamy liners are easy to apply, lock in magnetic lashes in minutes, and last for up to 12 hours! Plus, each color helps to bring out the best in different eyeshades and adds that extra special touch to any makeup look you’re creating. 

    Magnetic Gel Eyeliners from MoxieLash for a colorful splash or to accentuate your eye shade



    Colored Magnetic Gel Eyeliners Swatches

    Color Gel Magnetic Eyeliner swatches.

    Let’s take a close look at what you can expect in pigmentation and intensity with our new Magnetic Gel Color Eyeliners! We are going to swatch all four of our creamy gel liners so you can see what they look like. Get ready. They are truly stunning! 


    How the Colored Magnetic Gel Eyeliners Work

    Gel Colored Magnetic Eyeliner

    Just like our traditional Magnetic Gel Eyeliner, you need our eyeliner brush for the best application. First, your going to dip your brush into your Magnetic Gel Color Eyeliner and wipe off the excess—a little goes a long way! Next, glide your brush along your lash line until you get the liner look you like! We recommend starting at the beginning of your lash line and gliding along until you get to the end. Make sure your eyeliner is as close to your lashes as possible for a seamless magnetic eyelash application.

    After you have applied your Magnetic Gel Color Eyeliner, you need to wait two minutes for it to dry completely. This is a very important step that you don’t want to miss out on. 

    Colorful Magnetic Eyeliner with MoxieLash

    Once your eyeliner is completely dry, you can apply your MoxieLash Magnetic Eyelashes of choice! We have so many lashes to choose from that are perfect for all different eye shapes. Just check out our Lash Filter on the side of our magnetic eyelash collection. 


    What Colored Gel Eyeliner Looks Best For Each Eye Color

    While all of our colored eyeliners work for everyone— it’s true that different eyeliner colors can bring out the best in your unique eyeshade. So, we’re going to walk you through which color might be best for your specific eye color to make them stand out and pop even more. 


    Colorful magnetic eyeliners for brown eyes.

    Brown Eyes: If you are a brown-eyed babe, consider yourself lucky! Any of our Magnetic Gel Color Eyeliner shade you choose to wear will work for you! Purple, Blue, and Peacock will highlight that golden undertone, while the burgundy will bring out the richness of your eyes shade. 



    Green eyes wearing MoxieLash colorful magnetic eyeliners.


    Green Eyes: To make your green eye color a vivid shade of green, wear our Blue or Purple Magnetic Gel Color Eyeliner! Our Peacock Gel Eyeliner will pull out that mix of green and blue for a gorgeous sea-green appearance. Wear the Burgundy Gel Eyeliner to pull out the brightest green in your eyes—the red undertone is opposite in the color wheel to green, so it’s the most complementary color. 


    Blue eyes wearing the colorful gel magnetic eyeliner.

    Blue Eyes: If you have baby blue eyes and want to pull out their different shades even more, here’s what Magnetic Gel Color Eyelinerwe recommend for you. Our Burgundy shade gel liner will bring out the cool blue in your eye color, while the Blue liner will match the tones of your eyes and make them even more pronounced. Our Peacock Gel Eyeliner will draw out any hint of green and give them that complimentary boost. 


    Hazel eyes wearing the MoxieLash colorful gel eyeliner.

    Hazel Eyes: Did you know your eyeshade switches and changes with lighting and the colors you wear? The best color for your hazel eyes is our Burgundy Gel Eyeliner to draw out the richness of your eye color perfectly. To enhance the green in your hazel eyes, wear our Purple Magnetic Gel Color Eyeliner or the Peacock liner. 

    If you need help choosing your best Magnetic Gel Color Eyeliner, reach out to us at info@moxielash.com, and we will be more than happy to assist you.




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