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    Paris Hilton Loves MoxieLash Magnetic Lashes

    You guys, the MoxieLash team is so excited to share with you some very big news! A few weeks ago we found out that Paris Hilton is absolutely in love with MoxieLash, and she can’t stop talking about them. 


    Since then, our team had the opportunity to meet Paris and take photos of her wearing our beautiful lashes. It was an incredible joy for us as a company to collab with Paris, meet her in person, and see what an incredible human she is. Her passion for people truly radiates to everyone that is around her.



    Get the magnetic lashes that Paris Hilton is obsessed with from MoxieLash! Learn how she gets gorgeous lashes in just three minutes.


     Paris Talks MoxieLash—And We're In Love

    We are so grateful that she has featured us on her own website, parishilton.com, to showcase the lashes she loves. You can check out a sneak peek of her favorites below and also get in on a fun surprise we have for you at the end. 


    Check out the MoxieLash magnetic lashes that Paris Hilton is obsessed with! Get all the details on her glue-free, easy-on, lash styles.  

    The Game-Changing Lashes She Wears!

    “If you know me, you know I adore my aesthetics, and this company knows what they’re doing.” It’s quite the compliment from this beautiful soul, and she truly loves everything about our Happy Kit - from the luxurious blue packaging to the gorgeous goodies inside. These include the Baby, Happy, and Flashy magnetic lashes, a magnetic liquid eyeliner, and magnetic applicator. You can shop our Happy Kit, HERE


    In addition to the Baby Lash magnetic set, she also purchased more gorgeous kits from MoxieLash! Our Love Kit contains full, voluminous lashes that got her through a “crazy night of dancing” without budging, while our Wedding Kit has a versatile pair that she says is “so elegant and classy."


    All of our kits, according to Paris, are a total game-changer in her makeup routine! Just how much of a game-changer, exactly? Let’s find out!

    The Application Is So Simple 

    Paris says, “the lashes were surprisingly easy to use. They snapped right into place on the eyeliner with minimal effort.” Each item in our lash kit works together to create subtle drama, and Paris can’t get enough.

     Learn how to apply magnetic lashes like Paris Hilton with MoxieLash!


    She first uses the liquid magnetic eyeliner to draw clean, straight lines close to the lash line and waits three minutes for it to dry - before picking up the applicator to gently apply our magnetic falsies. No glue or extra tools required, as the lashes effortlessly snap into place over your magnetic eyeliner and stay there. All day long.


    Speaking of which, the Baby Lash set is gorgeous for all occasions. Since it’s an accent lash, they blend in beautifully with your natural lashes and give a look that’s subtle, yet absolutely striking. Paris also says that these lashes “work perfectly for work, at home, and even going out!”  She knows all three scenarios quite well, and you can trust her when she says that these lashes stay luxurious for hours without “popping up” or even moving at all! 


    “The comfiest lashes I’ve worn in my life.”—Paris Hilton


    Besides the “blink test” that Paris did to prove how durable our magnetic lashes are (hint: they passed), she also writes that they are “the comfiest lashes I’ve worn in my life.” So comfy in-fact that she even forgot that she was wearing them around her house!

     Find out what Paris Hilton's favorite magnetic lashes are from MoxieLash and magnetic eyeliner, the leader in false eyelashes.


    They’re not just easy to put on, either… but also to take off. Just pick up your remover swab to wipe away the magnetic eyeliner and lashes in one swipe, without the dreaded tugging on your delicate eyelid skin. These magnetic lashes are the full package - versatile, comfortable, easy to use, and ultra-glamorous - and if they’re good enough for a girl boss like Paris, they’re definitely good enough for you!


    Get a FREE Mystery Gift When You Spend $100! 

     Again, we are so honored to be in this close collaboration with Paris, and we can’t wait to see what happens next! We also can’t wait to share with you that when you spend $100 at MoxieLash, you’ll also get a FREE mystery gift ($35 value), with FREE shipping! This gift offer ends November 23rd, and limited gifts are available. 


    Don't wait! Now is the time to get the same glue-free magnetic lashes that Paris Hilton loves, and a gift too.


    Shop her favorites today. 



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