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Want a more natural way to add volume to your lashes without all the fuss? Eyelash extensions are a great option, but you can't deny that they come with their downside. Not only are they expensive, but the process of getting them done is also extremely time consuming. Not to mention that they only last a few weeks, can damage your lashes permanently, and cause extreme eye irritation. 


No thanks. 


The best lash extension alternatives for instant lash satisfaction on the market.


If you're looking for another way to get your dream lash look, we're listing out some options that'll make it a whole lot easier, less time consuming, and more cost-friendly. Keep reading to find out which eyelash extension alternative is best for you. 

What's So Bad About Lash Extensions? 


While having that "woke up like this" look first thing in the morning sounds fantastic, there's a whole world of Reddit users who talk about their experience with lash extensions and why you shouldn't get them done. One user says, "I'm going to say no. I was obsessed with them for awhile and got them regularly for seven months. I then ended up having a horrible reaction, and I can't get them anymore. They left my natural lashes (what's left of them) sparse, stubby, and damaged." 


Another eyelash extension Reddit, user says, "I found extensions to be too irritating to my eyes, always tangled and my eyelids always irritated. Just too much maintenance and too damaging in the long run."


What are the cons? 


  • Costly upkeep: Depending on where you go, you're looking at an initial charge of $150 or more. Then, you'll need to budget for fills every two weeks, which can cost more than $50. If you come back for a refill and your false lashes are at 50% fallout, you'll sometimes have to pay full price again. 


  • They're high maintenance: You'll have to anticipate brushing your lashes, cleansing them thoroughly, and sleeping on your back. 


  • Can't get lashes wet for 48 hours: Don't even think about swimming, taking a shower, hot yoga, going to the gym, or anything that might cause a sweat. 


  • Real lash damage: This can cause your natural eyelash hairs to weaken, break, and fall out.


  • Allergies to glue: You could have a severe reaction to the adhesive used at some salons, which can cause swelling, itching, burning, and more. 


What Are Alternatives to Eyelash Extensions?


Now that you know the truth about eyelash extensions let's talk about some of the best alternatives to getting fuller, more voluminous lashes. There's always mascara, but if you're used to having long lashes that are a few steps above natural, you know this won't do. Let's take a look at the best ways to add volume and length to your eyelids without having to dish out tons of cash and spend hours on lash fills. 

 What are the best alternatives to eyelash extensions?


Eyelash Growth Serums 


Eyelash growth serums are a great alternative to eyelash extensions. They can increase the length and thickness of eyelashes in as little as four weeks! These eyelash beautifiers work by increasing hair follicles at the roots with biotin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B12, pro-vitamin A & E, along with other natural substances that help your eyelashes grow like crazy.


The downside is that they add length, but not really volume. So, you know that three-dimensional look that lash extensions give? Serums aren't going to provide you with that. However, if you want the 3D lash look, keep reading.


Glue-On Lash Strips


While lashes with a glue-on adhesive will give you fuller lashes, it's definitely not the most high-tech approach. You have to have a steady hand, be okay with messing up and make sure that you don't have an allergy to lash glue. 


For the most part, it's a pain…and there are better alternatives on the market like the two options we've listed below. 


False Magnetic Lashes


If eyelash extensions are a bit out of your budget, or if you're tired of the daily upkeep that comes along with eyelash extension maintenance (like hours laying down for a refill), then MoxieLash false magnetic eyelashes are the perfect solution. Our magnetic eyelashes are designed for people who want dramatic lashes and those who want an ultra-natural look in just minutes. 

 False magnetic lashes are an almost instant way to get a lash extension look.


You can choose from over 50 lash styles and even kits that include everything you need for the perfect look. And applying them is easy. Just use your black or brown magnetic eyeliner, let it dry for three minutes, and then click on your favorite lash style. You can switch up your magnetic lash styles as many times as you want throughout the day. 


Even better, you can get up to 60 uses from a single pair of MoxieLash falsies. All you have to do is take care of them. When removing your lash style, cleanse the micro-magnets on the lash band with our oil-free, All-In-1 Makeup Remover. Then, you want to place them back into the box they came in to be ready to wear the following day. You can remove your magnetic eyeliner with the All-In-1 Makeup Remover as well. 


Lashies Glue & Metal Free Lashes


If you want time off your hands and gorgeous lashes on your eyes, check out Lashies. You'll get that same glamorous look without the hassle of going back to the salon every few weeks. And best of all - they won't damage your natural lashes like extensions do! 


Here is an alternative to lash extensions that will quickly give you lashes in secodns.  

You apply the clear or black Lashies Liner along your lash line, then immediately apply your favorite Lashies eyelash style. There is no wait time whatsoever. You can literally have full-volume eyelashes in seconds. Plus, with the clear liner option, you can get an ultra-natural look that seamlessly blends into your natural lashes.  


With Lashies, you can expect to reuse a single pair up to 25 times with proper care. To remove your Lashies, swipe the All-In-1 Makeup Remover along your lash line with a cotton swab and let it soak. Once the lash band starts to lift up naturally, you can remove it all the way and place it back into the box it arrived in. 


Here's the Conclusion 


While eyelash extensions are excellent for waking up and feeling pretty, the cost, time, and risk of damaging your natural aren't ideal. At MoxieLash, we've innovated lash solutions that make it possible to have gorgeous eyelashes without the hassle of going to a salon. You don't have to be pro anymore; deal with lash glue or all the other painstaking ways to get longer lashes. With Moxie, you can choose between MoxieLash magnetic lashes or Lashies and never have to deal with a lash fill again. 


Now, all you have to do is go find your favorite lash style. If you need help, reach out to our team of experts at

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