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We all want eyes that stand out in the crowd. We want a gorgeous gaze with eyelashes so long they put off a fierce flutter. But what are the best options for getting that long lash look we all desire? 


There is more than one way to lengthen a lash, but which option is the best for letting you bat your eyes without breaking the bank? Read along, and we’ll fill you in on the real deal about eyelash extensions and what other options are on the market for elevating your eyelids.


Are lash extensions breaking the bank? Take a look at another way to get your dream lash look.


What Are Eyelash Extensions?


Lash extensions are not new on the beauty scene. In fact, you may have seen Hollywood starlets walking the red carpet donning a set. So what are they, and why are they popular? 


Eyelash extensions are individually placed synthetic lashes or natural hair fibers, which are glued to the lash line with surgical glue, making them a semi-permanent eye fixture. Lash extensions boast the benefits of longer lashes for several weeks, without the use of mascara or even an eyelash curler. 


Though a set of extensions may indeed last four to six weeks, these seemingly low-maintenance lashes can be more hassle than they’re worth.


What Does Getting Lash Extensions Involve?



Your First Appointment


An initial eyelash extension appointment can take anywhere between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Before you begin, you’ll need to remove all of your makeup to prep your eyes for the adhesive. 


You will also be encouraged to lie very still and possibly need to avoid caffeine prior to going to your appointment. Too much movement with a sharp metal device near your eye can be hazardous, after all.


After selecting a lash style, length, curl, and material, you will be asked to lie on your back. A technician will shield your under-eye area with pads, stickers, or tape. Once the pads are placed, prepare yourself to keep your eyes closed for the remainder of the lengthy application process. 


As the technician completes adhering each lash to your eyelid one-by-one, you’ll be warned not to wet your eyes over the following day so that the glue can dry completely. Sweating or getting into steamy situations like a hot shower or sauna are bad news in this timeframe, also. You wouldn’t want to lose a precious lash during a workout.





In order to keep your extensions lasting as long as possible, you’ll be directed to detangle them daily with a clean spoolie brush. You’ll also have to make sure not to wear oily eye make-up or add your own mascara.


In addition to your first lengthy appointment, touch-ups will be needed every two to four weeks to replace any lashes lost due to your normal lash growth or other expected wear and tear on the extensions. These appointments are generally charged individually and not included in your initial extension placement fee.


Downsides To Lash Extensions


When considering undergoing the arduous process of having extensions put on, there are concerns that exist with choosing this route to get your flirty lashes. 


Here are a few common concerns with eyelash extensions:


Excessive Cost - Eyelash extensions can break the bank, with one set of lashes running between $120 all the way up to $700, depending on material and quality.


Additionally, touch-up appointments can cost around $50 per visit, once or twice each month. After a full month of touch-ups, you may be charged for another full set. (Whew, our beauty budgets are exhausted just thinking about it!)


Side Effects - Just like traditional glue-on lashes, the adhesive used to apply eyelash extensions can be irritating to your skin and possibly damaging to your natural lashes. The eye region is a sensitive area, and a surgical glue may cause redness, itchiness, or irritation to your skin. 


Those with allergy concerns may be recommended to perform a patch test before a full application begins. Women who wear lash extensions may become more dependent on them over time if they begin to cause loss of your natural lashes or to stunt to your natural hair growth cycle. 


Difficult Upkeep - Aside from going in for regular touch-up appointments, if you want to keep your eyelash extensions up and running, you’ll have to undergo a careful upkeep process as follows:


  • You’ll need to be careful when applying makeup like heavy eye-liners, as well as avoid the use of oil-based cleansers as they cause the breakdown of the adhesive and lead to extension loss. 
  • You’ll also need to avoid using mascara as to not snag the extensions and cause premature detachment.
  • You’ll need to wash your face very carefully, avoiding letting water fall directly on your face as the pressure can cause lash extensions to loosen and fall out. This could deter you from wanting to wear heavy eye-makeup as getting it off can be a delicate process.
  • You’ll need to be careful not to rub your face with a towel or scratch your eye, which might rub out some of your extensions.
  • You’ll need to comb through your lashes once, possibly even several times a day, to straighten them out, especially if they’ve gotten wet, being careful not to tug too hard and loosen any. The thicker the lash, the easier it can fall out.


Time-Consuming - Lash extension enthusiasts may make the point that placing false lashes every morning takes too much time out of your daily routine (and this may be true if you’re used to using traditional adhesive lashes), but we’re not convinced that you’ll save much time with the appointments needed to keep your extensions going.


Why Magnetic Lashes Are The Way To Go



If all this eye-opening info has you wondering if there’s a better way to bump up your lashes, take heart because there is! You can accent your natural lash line without doing damage to your eyelashes or your wallet. Here are a few reasons why magnetic lashes are taking the beauty world by storm.


Affordable - Unlike pricey eyelash extensions that can cost hundreds each month, you can get an entire kit with three sets of beautiful magnetic lashes, along with all the necessary accessories to keep your lashes luxurious for longer and at a much lower cost. 


Customizable - There are so many magnetic lash styles, lengths, and volume options for you. Whether you’re going for a more natural look or all-out glamorous, we’ve got a lash for you. And unlike stuck-on extensions, you can switch these out as often as you’d like. Go from a daytime look to a night on the town in just a few seconds, without even ruining your makeup.


No Adhesive Mess - Unlike eyelash extensions that use glue to adhere lashes to your lid, magnetic lashes are mess-free. Rather than applying a sticky glue over your carefully done eye-makeup, magnetic lashes use an all-day liquid liner to keep your lashes on without messing up your makeup. In fact, the makeup is part of the magic. 


Non-Damaging - Aside from keeping your makeup intact, magnetic eyelashes will not pose the risk of damaging your natural lash. In fact, they don’t make contact with your skin at all, but rather over their eyeliner counterpart. Removing magnetic eyelashes is a safe and simple process, made even easier by our convenient MoxieLash Magnet


Removable - At the end of a long day, there are a few things we hardworking ladies can’t wait to do: take off our bras, put on something comfy, and remove our makeup. 


Being able to remove magnetic lashes daily and go to bed without fear of ripping off an eyelash extension is such a comfort. In addition to getting a better night's sleep, being able to remove your magnetic lashes means that you won’t face the bacterial risks of glue-on eyelash extensions, like styes or infections.


Quick and Easy - For those who think adding false lashes to your daily beauty routine is too time-consuming, this is not a concern with magnetic lashes. 


Unlike adhesive lashes, which require you to get your placement right the first time or start from scratch, magnetic lashes are simple to place (and care for) and can be repositioned as needed. If at first you don’t succeed, you can try again!




Eyelash extensions may look great for a time, but given the possible side effects, costly bills, and tedious upkeep schedule, they are not realistic for women with busy schedules or savvy budgets. You can find beautiful, high-quality magnetic lashes that hold up against pricier eyelash extensions. Find a style you love and flaunt those fabulous lashes!

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