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First off, before I dive into what my top 5 favorite false lashes are from MoxieLash, you need to know that I am obsessed with them all! Every lash style that we’ve put out has been designed and crafted by my team and me—so they are all very special to us. We make sure that they meet your needs, whether it’s giving you full volume, an added touch of glamour, or a boost of confidence. It’s all for you because you deserve the very, very best…always. 

With that said, I was asked to share with you my top 5 favorite universally flattering magnetic lashes that’ll work for anyone, no matter what the eye shape. So, if you’re not sure what lash style would work best for you, any of these suggestions will! Take a look below!

Sassy Magnetic Lash


If you’ve been on my IG before, you’ll notice that our Sassy Lash style is on major rotation in my beauty routine. Not only are they our #1 selling lash, but they are also perfect for anyone who likes mid-level volume—no matter what your eye shape. They’re just the right amount of wispy flutter with 3D layers that look perfect from all angles. 

Baby Magnetic Lash


When I want to add a bit of subtle glam, all it takes is Baby Lash. Our top accent lash enhances the outer edge of the eye and gives an instant eye lift. I especially love wearing this lash style for working out, running errands, or any kind of casual meet-up. They’re so comfortable that I forget they’re even on…until the compliments start rollin’ in of course. 

Happy Magnetic Lash

I can’t wear Happy Lash and not be happy : ) This gorgeous lash style is lush and beautiful, yet somehow pretty effortless looking. It has three-dimensional volume and lift that’s absolutely stunning on any eye shape - no matter what kind you have (round, almond, monolid). If you want an instant mood booster, Happy Lash is it. 

Zany Magnetic Lash

I can’t get enough of Zany Lash…period. It’s made with Premium Bionic Silk, which makes them soft, durable, and lightweight. You’ll get gorgeous volume that’ll make your eyes stand out but not feel over the top. I like to wear this style when I’m going out with my girlfriends or…even on a date. I also wear them whenever I feel like it—do we really need a reason to go glam up? I don’t think so. 

Fluffy Magnetic Lash

When I’m in the mood for some featherlight volume, I go for Fluffy Lash. It’s tapered on both ends with volume at the center, making any eye shape look more balanced. Plus, this magnetic lash style is made of Premium Bionic Silk, giving it that fluffy, soft, mink-like appearance…but 100% vegan. 

I hope you enjoyed learning about my top favorite magnetic lashes that are universally flattering on anyone—especially you! If you want to find something else, though, and need help, reach out to our team of lash experts that I personally trained, and they’ll help you out. Email!

Keeping you lashed,

Bianca Alcàzar

Chief Beauty Innovator


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