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Learn how to apply your Magnetic lashes

A little bit of practice goes a long way — after all, all cosmetic routines take time to learn as a beginner. Follow these instructions, tips & tricks to get the hang of how to use the MoxieLash applicator and you'll be snapping on your MoxieLash magnetic lashes i no time!

Detailed application instructions

Please read carefully : )

Your applicator is the perfect lash curler. Use it to curl lashes before you adhere.

PLEASE NOTE: The MoxieLash applicator comes with a rubber piece. This rubber piece is NOT necessary for your lash application. It may be used for curling your lashes. You should remove the rubber piece so the magnets can easily magnetize to metal on the applicator.

Magnetic lashes work best when used in conjunction with Mascara & Eyeliner. Apply 15 minutes prior to adhering your Magnetic lashes to make sure that your mascara is dry.

The amount of mascara that you need to apply depends heavily on the length and thickness of your lashes. It may take practice & testing to determine how much of a base is necessary.

Also, remember to bend magnetic lashes for the perfect curve around your real lash. This can be done by wrapping the lash around a pen or by gently running your finger nail through the lash band.

1/Remove one set of lashes from box (top lash & bottom lash).

2/Place top lash to the top of the applicator with the magnets facing towards the eye.

3/Place the bottom lash to the bottom back ledge of the applicator with the magnets facing towards the eye. (Make sure that the magnets on the top lash are facing down and the bottom lash the magnets are facing up).

4/Squeeze applicator to visually align top lash & bottom lash to confirm lashes are properly aligned. (The magnets will not properly adhere if they are not aligned.)

5/Using a mirror in a well lit environment, slowly move the applicator towards the eye. Aim your natural lash to go in between the top & bottom magnetic lash. Once in between, slowly clamp down until you hear a snap. (Your natural lashes should be sandwiched between the top and bottom lash.) You will likely hear a snap. Make sure not clamp down on your eyelid or lashes will not snap together (..and this is less than pleasurable 😵).

6/Voila! You’re beautiful! 😍

Troubleshoot your application

If your lashes aren’t snapping together, it’s possible that you have the bottom lash & top lash on the bottom.

Note: When lashes are in reverse order, they will not properly magnetize.This is a common confusion point. Please always pay close attention and make sure that the lash magnets at the top of the applicator are facing down and the lash magnets at the bottom of the applicator are facing up. Always make sure that both lashes are for the appropriate eye, as reversal of the lashes will yield issues. Easy trick: the shorter side of the lash always goes on the inside of the eye.

Applicator Rubber Piece
The MoxieLash applicator comes with a rubber piece. This rubber piece is NOT necessary for your lash application. It may be used for curling your lashes. You should remove the rubber piece so the magnets can easily magnetize to metal on the applicator.

* Not fully drying your Mascara can lead to clumping and damaging of your lashes.

Pro Tip: Are your lashes too big on either side? No problem, use small scissors to cut them down.

Removing your Magnetic lashes

WARNING: Do not pull your Magnetic lashes off of your lash line. Use this gentle, ninja trick to smoothly remove your lashes and keep your natural lash line beautiful & safe.

1/Place your pointer finger and your thumb over the top & bottom lash and rub to detach the magnets. Gently pull them away from your eyes.

2/Repeat with each side of the magnets until your lashes are completely removed.

3/Place the lashes back in the Moxie Magnetic lash box for safe keeping.

What is the life expectancy of one MOXIELASH Magnetic lash set?
Each Moxie set provided is made to be used on multiple occasions. In advance of any issue, we advise that you take proper care of your lashes. To keep your lashes as long lasting as intended, we highly recommend always placing your lashes back in their proper, special case when not in use. Our case is intended to make sure your lashes are consistently fresh for your next use.
Can you use other eye makeup while wearing MOXIELASH?
Definitely! This product is intended to be used in unison with Mascara & Liquid Eyeliner, both of which are included in your bundle. You’re at will to use MOXIELASH as an additional accessory to your current eye regimen. Feel free to go about your normal eye makeup routine from eyeshadow, eyebrow pens and glitter. We would love to see the looks you come up with using our lashes. Feel free to show us by tagging our Instagram @Moxielash in your photos, and hash tagging #moxiebabes. We’d love to feature what you come up with!
What if my MOXIELASH set does not fit my eye shape?
MOXIELASH is intended for all eye shapes. The Moxie Full strip lash has gone through dozens of iterations and has been universally adapted to every girls eye. We guarantee an absolute perfect fit or your money back!
Are MOXIE products safe for my eyes?
With extensive internal testing, we can say for sure that MOXIE is in fact the safest magnetic eyelash product on the market. We have found absolutely no adverse reactions to our engineered product, and have found that our lashes are actually much safer than glue adhesive lashes because of the lack of toxins! However, if you do have pre-existing eye conditions, please consult a doctor before using MOXIELASH.
What if I'm unsatisfied with my purchase?
As a company dedicated to the customer, we expect the best of our staff and our product. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we are happy to refund your money or exchange if returned within 30 days. Please contact for a return address. Once lashes are received, we will then refund your order and will send out a confirmation email. Any questions regarding your purchase, please contact us at
What's the difference between Moxie & other false eyelashes?
Moxie is a company specific to curating an experience for the emboldened woman. We care about making sure the product is 100% to your satisfaction, so that you can be your most confident self. Our lashes are assembled by hand in the U.S., with a technology created by a team of beauty engineers dedicated to making sure you receive a product that is the most convenient, most correct, and most suited to you. We’re different because we’re here for you!

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about applying or caring for your MoxieLash, or just want some more helpful tips… don’t be shy! Shoot us an email and one of our Lash Experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

Master the application process?

If you’ve mastered the skill, contact to see how you can become a brand ambassador for @moxielash!