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Beauty, Innovation, and the Introduction of Bianca Alcázar

How she helped launch the only real magnetic eyeliner and lashes on the market.


Starting a new life from one city to another takes grit. But relocating from Puerto Rico to the states? That takes bravery, a resilient spirit, and serious tenacity. This was the case for Bianca Alcázar, the Chief Beauty Innovator for MoxieLash, born and raised on the island of Puerto Rico.


Her story goes like this: before moving to the U.S, Bianca was an up-and-coming freelance makeup artist while studying Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. Her love of all things beauty began to burn at an early age while watching her mother, a cosmetologist, create art with hair and makeup. And like most future beauty lovers, this influence sparked a drive that would launch a career in the beauty space and drive her to lead innovation while positively impacting women across the globe.

When she finally moved to the states, Bianca pushed herself to learn English unconventionally by creating a YouTube channel focused on beauty and makeup. This allowed her to do what she loved while challenging herself to practice and get better at speaking English.


Because of her gorgeous makeup tutorials and magnetic personality, brands knocked on Bianca's door, asking for a chance to work with her. Finally, the hard work was paying off. Over time, she forged partnerships with big beauty brands, creating makeup and beauty content that elevated their brand story while merging with her creative artistry talent. This was a dream come true.

Bianca's introduction to MoxieLash came like any other brand email that dropped into her inbox. Val Yakovchik, the founder of MoxieLash, saw her work and reached out for a chance to partner on content creation. Though Bianca had no idea who Val was, she agreed to jump on a call and was met with a very driven entrepreneur that had the vision to launch a first-to-market product. His passion for innovation aligned with hers, and she agreed to create content for the brand's first product offering—sandwiching your natural lashes between two magnetic lash strips.

The video went viral.



Bianca knew that Val had an incredible vision for the brand, and she wanted to help bring MoxieLash to life. Hence, she created several pieces of ad content that continued to go viral.

With time, Bianca got more and more involved with MoxieLash. Helping select the first names for the improved magnetic lashes that now clicked into place with the first to market magnetic liner. The selected names would reflect the varying moods that customers could relate to—details MoxieLash continues to this day.

Bianca officially joined MoxieLash in 2018 and instantly became involved in every aspect of the business. She was helping to launch out one-of-a-kind products to market before anyone, setting trends, creating never-seen-before content that was and continues to be high-quality across all touch-points.


Her drive and focus as the new MoxieLash Chief Beauty Innovator are to continue testing and improving products. Her personal mission is to continue to help women feel their most beautiful and confident selves while enjoying premium products that make their lives easier.

Follow Bianca's journey @biancaalcazar on Instagram to see all the new innovations and behind-the-scenes content.

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