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7 False Eyelashes for Small Eyes

and which styles will seriously make your eyes look bigger!


News alert: small eyes can wear false eyelashes too. In fact, one of the best ways to make them look bigger is with the right pair of falsies and a few key makeup techniques. If you have smaller eyes, though, you know the struggle of not only finding the right eyelashes but applying them too. And, choosing the right style is essential. If you select a lash that's too big, it will shut down your eyes—which is the opposite effect of what you want.


So, as your go-to lash experts, we've created a guide to show you which falsies will work best to enhance and make small eyes look brighter and more noticeable. We've got Magnetic Lashes especially designed for eyes that need a boost of length, volume, and natural flutter to make them pop. Keep scrolling to find your perfect eyelash style.



What Are Small Eyes?

 Best magnetic eyelashes for small eye shapes.


First off, grab a mirror and hold it up to analyze your facial features. You can discover if you have this shape by seeing if they are smaller than your nose and mouth. If they are, then you have small eyes. It's that easy. 


And let's be clear, there is nothing wrong with having small eyes. But if you're looking to get an eye-opening effect, falsies and a few makeup tips from the experts are how to do it. 


What False Eyelashes Are Best For Small Eyes

 Best small lashes for smaller eye shapes and how to wear them.

If you're looking for eyelashes that will make your eyes look bigger, we've got seven to choose from depending on what you're wanting. In general, though, a more natural-looking lash with shorter eyelash hairs is best. As much as the bigger, bolder lashes look more fun and glamorous, they will overwhelm this shape and make them look extra small. 


All of these lashes are vetted by professional makeup artists, so take a look and find your perfect fit. 



Baby Magnetic Lash


Baby Lash accents the outer corner of smaller eyes with its tapered volume. You'll instantly get a dose of glam that's perfect for your day-to-day activities. They're noticeable enough to make your eyes stand out but subtle enough that no one would question if they are real or not. 


Classy Magnetic Lash


Whether you're going out on the town or staying home—Classy Eyelash brings just the right amount of length and volume for an incognito look. Designed with three-dimensional eyelash layers, they are tapered at both ends to make your eyes stand out and look more prominent. 



Cutie Magnetic Lash


Cutie Lash has 3d volume with shorter lash hairs for a natural look. They are made with Bionic Silk—a new weatherproof material that mimics the look and feel of mink! Its tapered volume lifts and curls away from the eye to make smaller eyes look open and wide awake. 



Bestie Magnetic Lash


Bestie Lash is designed with soft, flowy layers that taper and lift for an eye-opening effect. It's your go-to lash for an ultra-natural lash extension look that's wearable anytime, anywhere. 


Plushy Magnetic Lash


If you want longer lashes with a bit more volume than a natural pair of falsies, check out Plushy Lash. Each lash hair is perfectly placed in a fanned-out pattern that will give small eyes a dose of luxe with every wear.


Cozy Magnetic Lash


Get airy light volume with 3d layers every time you click on Cozy Lash. Perfect for smaller eyes—this eyelash style is small, comfy, and so featherlight you'll barely remember you have them on. 


How Do You Put On Eye Lashes For Small Eyes


For those with smaller eyes, applying false lashes can feel like a part time job. Since you have less eyelid space, it can be tricky, to say the least. And if you opt for sticky, messy, glue-on lashes, your chances of immediately giving up are pretty high. With magnetic lashes, though, you'll get an easy application once you nail your eyeliner technique. Here's a quick guide on how to apply falsies like a pro for small eyes. 


Here is how to apply magnetic liquid eyeliner on small eye shapes.


Applying Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner: If you're new to using any liquid liner, pay attention to this step. The last thing you want is eyeliner all up in the crease of your eyelid, which is a common problem for those with small eyes. Why? Because limited eyelid space means there isn't much room between your lash line and crease. So, if you blink or look up with wet eyeliner, it will stamp onto your eyelid. Let's avoid that…okay? Here are some makeup artist approved tips for applying your magnetic eyeliner like a pro. 



  1. Prep your eyelid with an eyeshadow primer. This helps keep your magnetic eyeliner where it's supposed to stay (along your lash line). One of our favorites is Urban Decay Potion Primer.
  2. Next, sweep a light layer of translucent powder into the crease of your eye to make clean up more straightforward if you end up getting liquid liner where it shouldn't be.
  3. Now it's go-time. Hold the MoxieLash handheld mirror under your chin with one hand at a 45-degree angle. You should be looking slightly down into the mirror, which gives the perfect view for applying liner and avoiding getting it on your eyelids. 
  4. With the other hand, begin tracing your lash line with light strokes until you get a straight line.
  5. Let your magnetic eyeliner dry for 3 minutes or until it is no longer tacky. Do not look straightforward and blink while it's drying—always look down. 
  6. Once it's completely dry, you can move on to applying your false lashes for small eyes. 

 Best small eyelashes for smaller eye shapes.


Applying magnetic eyelashes is incredibly easy now that your liner is no longer wet. Just choose one of the falsies we suggested above for small eyes and place it on your lash line. The ten micro-magnets of the comfort fit eyelash band will instantly attract to the proprietary MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner and stay on all day. Plus, you can get up to 60 wears with every pair of lashes. 


How to Make Small Eyes Look Big With Makeup

 Here's how to make small eyes look big with makeup


Knowing the right eyeshadow techniques and having the right brushes is essential for making small eyes look larger. Make sure you have an angled eyeliner brush and a fluffy blending brush for the contour. 


Tip 1: In general, avoid a smoky eye. Dark pigment all over your eyelid will make your eyes look smaller. Instead, apply soft and shimmery shades on your lower eyelid and contrast it with a light brown eyeshadow in your contour with the blender brush. Then, use a cream-colored eyeshadow under your eyebrow to create definition and the illusion of more eyelid space. 


Tip 2: You can extend your liquid eyeliner past your natural lash line to elongate the look of your eye. Or, you can use a brown eyeshadow with your angled eyeliner brush to do the same for a softer look.


Tip 3: Use a white eyeliner pencil on your waterline to make your eyes not only brighter but bigger too. 



If you have small eyes and need more help choosing the right lash style for you, reach out to our team of experts at


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