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Should You Ditch Traditional Falsies and Wear Magnetic Lashes?

Find out if Magnetic Lashes are really for you.


 If you wear false eyelashes, finding an effortless application is essential. When we innovated real magnetic liner with lashes, It was because traditional lashes were seriously hard to use. If you've ever tried glue falsies, then you know how sticky, messy, and unpredictable they are (understatement of the century). And sandwich magnetic lashes aren't any better with their constant slipping and sliding off.  Eyelash extensions are expensive, take for-ev-er to have done, and can ruin your natural lashes like none other. All options are hard to use and waste time in beauty routines. The bottom line for us was— #thankyounext


If you want to know who magnetic lashes are for, MoxieLash, the only real magnetic liner for magnetic lashes on the market, is for everyone. Trust—anyone can wear these lashes because they are easy to use, apply in minutes, and will stay on no matter what your day brings. 


Are Magnetic Strip Lashes For Everyone?

 Getting married? No problem. If you cry happy tears, our Bionic Silk lashes won't go anywhere. Want to go to hot yoga? Do it! We have lashes that are built to perform under heat. Going skydiving? We bet our lashes won't budge.


 Scroll down for in-depth details on magnetic lashes and if you should be wearing them instead of glue-on or lash extensions. 


Do You Have Waterproof Magnetic Falsies and Liner?

 We know the world is your backdrop and social media your platform—you need to look snatched whether you're walking the aisle or snapping pics in the rain. Who wants their false lashes to fall off because they got a little wet? We can answer that question for you: absolutely no one. That's a faux lash nightmare.


MoxieLash Magnetic Liner stays on, won't run down your cheeks, and holds onto your magnetic lashes even if they get damp. Our Bionic Silk waterproof lash styles are made to keep their curl and shape even if you get stuck in the center of a torrential downpour. 


Will Magnetic Lashes Stay On If It's Windy?

 With a ten micro-magnet lash band and the best magnetic eyeliner on the market, your lashes are staying on until you want them off. Have you seen our videos where we quite literally point a blowdryer at our lashed-up eyes and press the ON button? We didn't do that just for fun times. We wanted to show you how well MoxieLash Magnetic Lashes hold and stay onto your lash-line even if it's windy outside. You won't have a rogue lash ever. 


How Long Will MoxieLash Lashes Stay On?

Your lashes will stay on comfortable from morning until night—or 12 hours without budging. The combination of our proprietary magnetic eyeliner formula and lashes means that you can get all-day wear with whatever lash style you choose. Just trace your lash line with the liner, let it dry for 3 minutes, and then click on your magnetic lash of choice. Take them off when you're finished and place them back in the box they came in for next time. 



Are False Lashes Reusable? 

MoxieLash Magnetic Lashes are reusable.


MoxieLash Magnetic Lashes are for anyone who wants to reuse their lashes again and again. In fact, you can get up to 60+ uses if you take care of them well. After each use, you want to get a cotton swab and dip it into the All-In-1 Makeup Remover. Swipe the dampened swab onto the micro-magnets and clean off any excess magnetic liner. Then, use the comb side of the Magnetic Applicator and brush through the lash fibers, so they look good for your next use. Last, place them back into the box they came in for safe-keeping. 


Are There Vegan and Cruelty-Free Lash Styles?

 In general, there are lots of lashes out there that are vegan—they just don't have that luxe-look that Moxie does. Our cruelty-free lashes, Bionic Silk, have the look and feel of mink but have no animal by-products whatsoever. They are soft, fluffy, and have a gentle curl for a natural, lash-extension look. They don't just mimic mink—they look and perform better too. 


Will Magnetic Lashes Make You Lose Lash Hair?

 Unlike eyelash extensions that bond to your actual lash hairs, magnetic lashes only adhere to the liner. And since it's not an adhesive or glue, it can attach and unattached to the magnetic liner by just lifting the outside corner. There is no ripping, pulling, or falling out of your natural lashes.


Are Magnetic Lashes Safe and For Sensitive Eyes and Skin?

 While all of our ingredients are verified as non-toxic according to EWG, the truth is, anyone can have an allergy to anything. Though magnetic eyeliner with Iron Oxide has far less reports with irritation than glue, testing any beauty product on your wrist prior to using it is always recommended. If you do have an allergic reaction, stop using your products immediately and consult your doctor. 


What False Lash Style Should You Choose?

Which false lash should you choose?


Finding the right eyelash style is like shopping for clothes: you need options and something you can feel good in. MoxieLash has a ton of comfortable Magnetic Lashes  that range from ultra-natural to very, very bold. The good news about magnetic lashes is that you don't have to be committed to one style throughout the day. If you start your day at work and want to wear a lash that's more natural, you can! Then, if you want to switch up your makeup mood to something more sexy and flirty, there are tons of mid-glam to bold lashes for you to wear. 


Natural Lash Styles

 For just a touch of glam, Baby Lash is perfect. Since it's not a full-length lash, it just accents the outer edge of your eye with some lift and flare. Our Classy and Bestie lash styles are two of the most natural false lashes out there—their three-dimensional layers give your eyes subtle volume and length that is noticeable…but not overwhelmingly so. If you are looking for a brown magnetic lash, The Honey Kit sold out twice and features three perfect styles for blonde, brown, and redhead hair types. 



Glamour Lashes


 Want a glamorous lash look? Done. Zany Lash gives feathery volume and length that will make any eye shape stand out. Naughty Lash has unique lash clusters that taper at the end to gives eyes a flirty lift. Sassy Lash is the most popular mid-glam lash style, and for a good reason! Its soft and fluffy lash layers fan out for an undeniably stunning luxe look.



Dramatic Lash Styles

We're not talking a little drama. Our collection of dramatic lash styles will get you noticed—and not in a bad way. Smokey Lash has dense lash layers that are voluminous and bold. Money Lash is a show-off from miles away, while Baddy Lash gives an eye-opening curl that'll make jaws drop. 



Best Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Kits

 For an even simpler approach to your lash routine, MoxieLash Kits come with three gorgeous lash styles to try, a bottle of Magnetic Liner and Magnetic Applicator for a seamless look. There are kits for a natural false lash approach, mid-glam, ultra-dramatic, and combinations of all. Our most popular curated collection is the Starter Kit, and it's perfect for beginners. 

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