Let's Talk About Clear Magnetic Liner

and if it really exists.


Clear Magnetic Liner is a product we get asked about all the time. The idea of swapping out your classic black eyeliner  with an invisible option seems to be on every lash wearer's mind, and for good reason. Natural fake eyelashes have taken off like wildfire, and the idea of a truly minimalist makeup look is on-trend post covid. But the question is, does a translucent liquid liner for magnetic lashes even exist? We're here to answer all your questions.

Magnetic Eyeliners Secret Sauce Ingredient

There are all different kinds of magnetic eyeliner, but we'll go ahead and tell you (unashamedly) that our proprietary formula is the only real magnetic eyeliner on the market. With that said, we all have a common ingredient, Iron Oxide, which is a metal. You can't have magnetic eyeliner without it—it's an essential ingredient that attracts to the magnets on the MoxieLash lash band. 

What Is Iron Oxide

Iron Oxide, which provides the pull and attraction in any magnetic liner, is not clear, it's actually a black color. And, the amount of Iron Oxide needs to be substantial enough to hold onto and secure to a magnetic eyelash band. So, if a liner that is magnetic claims that it is clear, we have to question its ingredients (and integrity), and you should too. 

There is Invisible Liner for Lashes Though

invisible magnetic eyeliner option


With all that said, we're not dream crushers. We saw the need, heard your ask, and got to innovating a solution—and it's everything you've ever dreamed of…minus the Iron Oxide. 

Lashies™ by MoxieLash, our newest lash application system, has a clear liner option that's glue and metal-free. The lashes and eyeliner are designed with NanoGrip™ Lash Technology that make false lash application quick and efficient. You can lash up in seconds. We're not kidding. 


How Does Clear Lashies Work?

Applying Lashies™ lashes and using the clear liner is the easiest thing since…absolutely nothing. Lashies™ Liner is pressure sensitive, so the bond happens when you gently press the Lashies™ clear band to your liner.

Here's how to use Lashies™:

1. To start, you want to work each lash individually. 



2. Trace your lash line with the clear eyelash liner (do not let it dry).



3. Immediately apply your Lashies™ lash style of choice to fresh, wet liner. No dry time, stickiness, or mess included. Use your Lash Applicator to press the lash band into your natural lashes for optimal blending. 


4. Your lashes will stay on all day, and you can get on with whatever adventure is calling. 

    Your Ultra-Natural Lash Look is Here

    If you’ve googled “clear magnetic eyeliner,” you’re probably looking for a natural looking lash style too. Since we’ve covered the truth about clear liner, we’ll show you the best at-home lash extensions for a truly minimalist makeup look.

    A Subtle Accent Lash

    Clear magnetic eyeliner with Lashies false lash style


    Baby Lashies accent the outer corner of your eye for added lift that’s noticeable, but also barely there. 

    A Full Length Natural Lash


    Classy Lashies blends beautifully with your natural lash while giving three dimensional volume.

    A Naturally Tapered Lash

    Lovely lashies with clear magnetic eyeliner alternative.


    Lovely Lashies mimics a natural lash pattern with softly tapered volume and lift.



    Are you ready to level up your lash game with this alternative to clear magnetic eyeliner? Try Lashies™ today for a zero dry time application. 

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