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You’re a lash addict. You basically collect mascaras, and you have enough strip lashes to make a Kardashian blush. Your next stop is eyelash extensions. But what happens after that?


Should you put mascara on eyelash extensions.


Can you use mascara on your eyelash extensions? The answer: it’s really complicated. Not most of the time, but sometimes. It depends on the mascara, and it depends on how you remove the mascara. 


There’s more or less a flow chart that describes when mascara is and is not a good idea with eyelash extensions. Before you start painting on a coat, make sure you’re not using anything that’s going to ruin your expensive eyelash extensions. 


Ideally, You Shouldn’t Have To


Most people get eyelash extensions so that they never have to mess with mascara or strip lashes again. The idea is for the eyelash extension to replace the benefits of your favorite mascara without any effort on your part. If you feel like you still need mascara after your eyelash extensions are applied, talk to your eyelash technician. 




It could be that your extensions were applied too sparsely. Maybe you went for a classic application when a voluminous application would have been more likely to give you the results you’re looking for. It could be that your eyelash extensions are prematurely shedding for one reason or another, and you’re tempted to apply mascara to fill the gaps. 


First, make sure it isn’t a problem that needs to be fixed by a pro. Your eyelash technician will tell you if anything needs to be changed or fixed. They will also give you a personal recommendation on whether or not you should be wearing mascara with your extensions. 


Some Lash Extensions Won’t Work Well With Mascara


If you have a hybrid lash application, most mascara will cause your different lengths of lashes to clump together. It’s harder to access the base of the lashes to properly apply mascara from the root to the tip. The lash line might become gunked up and difficult to clean. 


The same goes for volume applications. Since each fan of lashes is made of three pieces attached to one of your lashes, they cannot be separated at the root for a thorough application. The result is that you can only really apply mascara to the ends of the lashes. When the coat can’t be applied uniformly, the end results might be that the lashes appear cake-y and weighed down. 


Properly applied classic eyelash extensions are a different story. They’re supposed to be applied at a one-to-one ratio. For every one eyelash, one longer eyelash extension is glued in place. This kind of application is easier to comb through, and as a result, easier to apply mascara on. However, you still run the risk of tugging on lashes and pulling them out. 


Choosing The Right Mascara For Eyelash Extensions


Waterproof mascara is almost impossible to get off, and the kind of remover you would need to use can ruin your lash extensions. Oil-based mascaras will cause the same problem. You need to use non-waterproof water-based mascara to reduce your chances of damaging your lash extensions during the application or removal processes. 


Here is how to find the correct mascara to add volume and lift to your lashes.


Finding a water-based mascara might be tricky. It’s not that any don’t exist. There are plenty of drugstore and high-end water-based mascaras. The problem is that most people buy mascara based on the performance claims, not the ingredients. The majority of mascara companies don’t clearly list whether a mascara is water-based or oil-based because most consumers have never had a reason to care. 


You read the packaging on what you eat— now it’s time to start reading the packaging on your mascara. If you aren’t sure or you can’t find the info you need on the packaging, stick with a mascara that clearly states it’s safe for lash extensions. Cosmetic companies are producing more lash-extension-safe mascaras as lash extensions begin to rise in popularity. 


Most water-based mascaras are designed to add volume rather than length. If you have classic lash extensions, the length shouldn’t be a problem. It’s really only volume where you might be lacking. 


Choosing Makeup Remover For Eyelash Extensions


Never use any oil anywhere around your eyelash extensions for any reason! Oil is a natural lubricant. It breaks bonds and removes impurities. Coconut oil is great for cleaning off your skin and taking off your makeup because it attracts dirt so well. 



However, it also sinks in between the glue, your lash extension, and your natural eyelash. It may begin to break the bond of the glue, causing your lash extensions to slide off way before you’re ready. 



If you have lash extensions, makeup remover or mascara that contains oil is your new enemy. Don’t assume every product you use is safe unless it clearly states “oil-free” on the packaging. This also goes for any eye creams, moisturizers, or cleansers you use on your face. 


If you’re a loyalist to your micellar water, you might be thinking you have nothing to worry about. We don’t want to burst your bubble, but chances are, your micellar water probably contains some kind of oil. You won’t feel oily after you use micellar water because the charged particles do an excellent job of cleaning up after themselves. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any oils that can damage your lash extensions inside the bottle. 


Leaving Your Options Open


Most people get eyelash extensions because they feel like it’s saving them a ton of time and effort. Who doesn’t want to wake up with perfect lashes? After they’ve had their eyelash extensions for a few weeks, they realize that caring for them is actually more complicated than just putting on some falsies. 


You might have to change your entire skincare routine just to accommodate your finicky lash extensions. Coconut oil, grapeseed oil, hemp oil, rosehip oil, marula oil, moringa oil, argan oil, all gone! These are antioxidant-packed powerhouse natural ingredients that supercharge many skincare products, from serums to moisturizers. And you can’t risk getting them anywhere near your eyes. Do you have a workaround? 


If you aren’t very careful with your eyelash extensions or if you accidentally use a skincare product that contains oil, you’re going to have to sit down for another costly eyelash extension session much sooner than you had anticipated. 


We don’t want to rain on your parade. Instead, we want to offer you an alternative that will keep your routine quicker and easier than it would be with eyelash extensions.


Why Magnetic Lashes Are the Way to Go

You might be realizing that eyelash extensions aren’t your best bet. Don’t panic! You’re nowhere near out of options. 



You can still have beautiful lashes with minimal effort, and you won’t have to change any of the products you use. Opt for a temporary, easy fix like magnetic eyelashes. They only take a few seconds to apply, they can last for up to 30 uses, and you’re free to use whatever products you’d like on your face. 


Magnetic lashes probably won’t require you to do anything differently. Do you tend to use liquid liner on your upper lash line? That’s really all you need to do. Just use a magnetic liner instead. Magnetic lashes pop directly onto the magnetic liner and stay all day without moving around or coming undone. 


At the end of the day, gently remove the magnetic lashes and put them back in their case. You can remove the magnetic eyeliner with the same product you already use. Your lashes won’t require anything in terms of care. There’s no glue or residue stuck to them, so you won’t need to spend the time gently removing the buildup from the strip. 

Magnetic Lashes Come In All Looks

With magnetic lashes, you have tons of options. You can use a natural lash or an accent lash for a subtle boost to your look. You can also use any number of dramatic statement lashes for a special occasion. You aren’t locked in to any one particular configuration the way you would be with an eyelash extension application. 



Magnetic lashes also won’t damage your natural lashes. They don’t leave any remnants of permanent glue behind. They won’t fall out sparsely and leave you in an awkward stage of in-between growth. They’re also a lot less expensive than eyelash extensions. 


Eyelash extensions can be as expensive as $500 for a first-time visit. Every two to three weeks, you’ll need a fill-in appointment that can cost around $100. That can be as little as 14 days of wear for all that money. A single pair of magnetic lashes can offer as many as 30 days of everyday wear for much less. It might be worth rethinking that appointment. 



Eyelash extensions might ultimately make your life a little more difficult. Magnetic lashes might provide the solution you need with much less hassle and much less money over time. If you’re the kind of gal or guy who likes to keep things easy, try magnetic lashes before you commit to lash extensions.

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