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    MoxieLash Q&A With Our Founder!!

    Today, for Inventors Day, we are interviewing our MoxieLash founder, Val, to hear why he started Moxie! We're going to hear what the heartbeat of the brand is, why magnetic eyeliner is so unique, and what the future of Moxie is. We're so excited to hear from him— now read on and get ready to be inspired. His answers are absolutely inspirational and will fire you up if you've got any amount of an entrepreneurial spirit in you. 

    Q&A with MoxieLash creator, and why he created this magnetic eyeliner and eyelash brand!

    Q: Today is National Inventors Day! As the founder of MoxieLash, what inspired you to create this company?

    A: I have always been inspired by woman and the influence that the feminine energy carries in the world. I knew that I wanted to be in the female consumer space because I was excited to work with the smartest and most brilliant woman in the world.

    I also love business and innovation. I love the prospect of creating innovation and efficiencies from all angles of life. I consider it a creative expression— an art. There's nothing that gives me more empowerment than coming up with innovative and new ways of doing things. From product to leadership, to operations, to marketing— it's all exciting to me.

    Q: Were you surprised at how fast MoxieLash took off? 

    A: The speed of momentum and acceleration. Every day I am incredibly grateful for the speed of growth that daily incremental steps can produce if energy is focused in one direction. I read about it in books, but seeing is believing.

    Q: What makes MoxieLash so unique?

    A: What makes ML so unique is our team and our culture. We've curated excellence, and we emphasize quality across every area of this business. Every single team member cares so much about the customer, the buying experience, and the products that our customers buy. There's nothing more important to us than creating world-class products that make a difference and delivering our products to our customers with love, care, and speed.

    Innovation, quality, speed, culture, and customer.

    Q: How is MoxieLash leading the way in beauty innovation?

    A: We have a world-class product development team that I'm so, so, so proud of. There are big corporations that have access to billions in capital, yet experience tons of corporate red tape and boundaries and approval processes that slow down growth. They don't innovate because they are focused on maintaining a status quo.

    ML is a slim, experimental organization and has a strong appetite for risk and a focus on speed and execution. Innovation and blue oceans are everything to us, and every day we focus on how we can create products that matter, that make a difference, and that truly create breakthroughs for our customers.


    Q: Where do you see MoxieLash in 5 years?

    A: On the moon, farming moon rocks for minerals that we can infuse in our eyeliners.

    I am being facetious, but the sentiment stands. MoxieLash and all of our future brands will be the biggest, most innovative beauty organization in the world.

    We're here to make a difference, create impact, and spread the message of love to the world.

    Q: What is your personal favorite lash so far at MoxieLash? 

    A: I love the Sexy Lash because I align really well with the energy. Which might make me kinda sassy— so maybe it's the Sassy Lash. But I am also kinda Boujie (#BoujieLash), I live in a world of abundance (#MoneyLash), and I can be quite Cheeky (#CheekyLash). So Baby (#BabyLash), I like them ALL. Just don't get me a Wifey (#WifeyLash).

    I like my freedom.

    Q: What would you say to other people who are thinking of creating and inventing a product of their own?

    A: Read the book, Steal like an artist, and copy us.


    Thanks, Val, for giving us the inside scoop on MoxieLash! We, at ML, and as team members are all here for the ride.

    Have you tried MoxieLash yet? Check out our collection of stunning magnetic lash styles. Need help finding your perfect match? Send us an email at info@moxielash.com, and we'll gladly assist you.


    MoxieLash Team

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