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    The MoxieLash Social Queens Favorite Lash Products!

    Today, we have a blog take-over with model, IG Influencer, business owner, and Moxie team member—Nattcity! You've probably seen her around here before, gracing the cover of the MoxieLash website, emails, LIVE IG, testing out lashes while giving out workout tips, and dishing on the original MoxieTini recipe. She is a woman of many talents. But today, Natt is sharing her favorite MoxieLash products, lash-stack combos, and some tips and tricks she's learned along the way. So, here's a warm welcome to our very own, Nattcity!


    Introducing NattCity from MoxieLash! Sharing with us her favorite must-have lash styles! 

    Meet The MoxieLash Social Queen: NattCity 


    Check out Nattcity from MoxieLash!


    Hey guys! I'm so excited to be taking over the blog today and sharing my favorite MoxieLash products with you. I've been working with Moxie for almost a year now and have been a part of this company's growing process. I love the Moxie Team! We have so much fun working together, and I'm really proud of all the products we put out. So, of course, choosing my favorites was really hard (because I seriously love them all), but I did it! You need to check them all out below.


    Oh...and just for fun, here are a few video's I've been in for MoxieLash




    My Makeup Style

     Nattcity makeup style that she swears by!


    Before I share with you all of my must-haves, you should know that my makeup style is pretty natural. I like that "no makeup, makeup look" with dewy skin, a bronzed glow, and highlighter in all the right places. Oh...and lashes that pop with a balance of natural and glam. I love the look of lash extensions (minus the lash-damage, fill time, and cost), which is why the lash styles I am about to show you are, for me, the very best!

    Nattcity x Sassy Lash

    A gorgeous makeup look featuring MoxieLash Sassy Lash with influencer NattCity! 

    Sassy Lash was the very first MoxieLash style that I tried! It's actually in their OG Collection, and it's their number one best-seller! I love this magnetic lash style because it's full and fluffy without being over-the-top. I like to wear this lash during the day when I'm working out, on a Zoom call, or socializing with my quarantine pod.



    Nattcity x Flashy Lash

    Nattcity wearing Flashy lash from MoxieLash. 

    This eyelash is one of my favorites when I'm on a photo shoot. It's a slight step up from Sassy Lash, in length and fullness, which looks great on camera. Butttt.... it's also still pretty natural looking, which is great for everyday too!



    Nattcity x Happy Lash


    Nattcity wearing Happy Lash from MoxieLash!


    When I say that the Happy Lash makes me HAPPY—that is not an over-exaggeration! If you've ever worn this eyelash style, then you know (haha)! This lash is hands down my very favorite lash style (so far) from MoxieLash. They are bigger and fuller than Flashy Lash, but still have a very natural look to them. In fact, they were actually designed to mimic the look of lash extensions...and I think they nailed the look! Perfect for everyday, a night out, or whatever the day brings.



    Her Lash Stack: Cheeky Lash and Baby Lash

    NattCity stacking her lash styles Cheeky and Baby Lash!


    These two accent lashes are really fun for two reasons: 1) They are great when I'm on-the-go and want a little bit of added volume to my already mascara’d-up look. 2) If I want to add a bit more outer edge volume to my other favorite lash styles, I can do that with either of these! You just stack them on top of your other magnetic lash style, and they quickly boost your whole look.

    • Cheeky Lash is the smallest MoxieLash accent lash.
    • Baby Lash is the most universal lash style (a tad bit more volume density than Cheeky). 




    Brown Magnetic Liner


    Nattcity wearing brown eyeliner from MoxieLasg.


    Listen, I love the Black Liner, and it works well when I'm doing photoshoots and need a more dramatic lash look. But for my everyday style, the brown liner just works for me. It's a beautiful dark chocolate brown and compliments my skin tone...which gives me that natural look that I love!



    Thanks for hanging with me today! You can follow me on Instagram, HERE! If you have questions about anything I've shared with you, contact our amazing support team. Message support@moxielash.com and they will be happy to help.



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