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Does anyone else feel like TikTok makeup trends are taking over newsfeeds everywhere? We're not mad about it. This mega-popular social media app has become a go-to for quick beauty tutorials from top names like Kylie Jenner, James Charles, and beauty novices alike. 

It's no longer Addison Rae dance moves and enticing recipes holding our attention while scrolling. The TikTok beauty community is having an uprising, and we're here for it! Ahead, check out the top makeup trends you should give a try. Don't forget to turn on the original sound while adding these new beauty tips and tricks to your rolodex of cosmetic rituals.  

What’s the Most Popular Beauty Content on TikTok?

There are new trends and fresh makeup techniques being created daily on the video-only-platform. As a whole, TikTok racks in billions of views in mere hours, and a huge piece of that is from beauty influencers. Take a look at the top eight makeup trends we’re crushing on. 

Red Lipstick Contour Blush Technique


video ib: @sellmakasumoviq @helin.dxski looked better than i expected haha ##makeup ##makeupvideos ##makeuphacks ##fyp

♬ Ski Mask The Slump God – Foot Fungus - Kiersten

We had a near meltdown while watching influencer Lenkalul drag the brightest red lipstick across her face and call it a beauty hack. TBH, nothing about this TikTok trend is normal until suddenly, what looks like an epic disaster becomes a glowing work of art that has left us shook. 

This lipstick blush video is now up 827,000 likes, and we just gave it another one because the results deserve it. Want the look? Sweep red lipstick over the bridge of your nose, across the forehead, and on the apples of your cheeks. Then, blend it out, and finish with a light coverage foundation for a naturally gorgeous glow and a gently sculpted base.

The Soap Brow Trend


Soap Brows Tutorial 🤩 Obsessed with how these look!! #makeup #eyebrows #turorial #soapbrows #fyp

♬ original sound - barbbeautyyy

Yup, it's exactly what you think—sort of. Soap brow took off on TikTok as the replacement for brow gel. Just dip a spoolie into a bar of soap and brush your brows into place. This trick is a super creative way to get that brushed-up, three-dimensional, and less manicured brow look we've all seen trending in 2021. 

If your eyebrows are sparse, though, this Gen Z beauty hack might need an extra step. Use a precise brow pencil or pen to create hair strokes and fill in any gaps for the perfect soap brow look. 

TikTok Makeup Challenge


Makeup is insane... I look like two different people at the end... #makeup #beauty #2016vs2021

♬ Chun Swaee ITSBARBIEBETCH - Ava 🥀

Ready for a throwback to your OG makeup style of blocky Instagram brows and overly contoured cheeks, nose, and jawline? Try out the 2016 vs. 2021 makeup challenge going viral by beauty TikTokers. For this trend, draw a line down the center of your face and create a side-by-side comparison. Or, get lost in endless scrolling with the hashtag #2016vs2021 on your new favorite social platform.

Apply Lipstick With a Q-Tip Trend


Follow me and teach you all kinds of makeup methods.##charm ##wig ##fyp ##foryou🤩🤩🤩🤞🤞🤞。。

♬ original sound - theanoughceke

If you've ever tried applying lipstick with a brush or from the tube, then you know the corners of the mouth can be tricky. But, not anymore with this recent TikTok makeup trend from influencer and beauty expert Hudda Kattan. You place the swabbie horizontally between your lips as you apply your lipstick. The results? Zero smudges at the outside corners and a cleaner, more straightforward application. 

Instant Lashes With Magnetic Liner


Line. Lash. Boom❗️It’s that easy!🥰🥰 ##MoxieLash ##lashtutorial ##lashes ##makeuptutorial ##lashhack ##makeuptransformation ##lifeisgood

♬ original sound - Sickickmusic

From Paris Hilton to Frankie Grande, everyone is looking to level up their lash game in 2021. With MoxieLash Magnetic Eyeliner and eye lashes, you can choose from ultra-natural to full-on-glam styles that will elevate your eye shape in seconds. Just swipe on your liner, let it dry, and then click on your lashes for all-day wear. This lash hack is a viral TikTok trend that anyone can master. 

Cat, Fox, and Puppy Liner Method


Reply to @gretelvalenciau which ones your fav: fox, puppy or cat eyeliner ##makeup

♬ Originalton - Alicia Ashanti

While the cat-eye trend is definitely not new, the puppy and fox liner technique has us intrigued. According to TikTok superstar @daniellmarcan, puppy eyeliner gives a rounded look to the eyes, while fox eyeliner is sharper with a lifted wing. If you have ever seen Bella Hadid's classic liner look, then you've seen the fox trend for sure. 

Pixel Makeup


PIXEL MAKEUP👾 recreation of @makeuppbyruthie ##fyp ##mua ##nyatemple ##foryou ##viral ##trend ##pixelmakeup ##TechTokTips ##makeup

♬ Funk da Netflix - Netflix Brasil

We've never seen a more unrealistic makeup application—but we're here for the entertainment and might give it a try because you only live once. This is a different kind of face mapping technique that adds highlight, contour, and brightness to your skin in all the right places, but with squares. Literally. 

To get the look, you draw a ton of boxes on your face and fill them in with different colors for a pixelated appearance. Then, blend it in with your favorite makeup sponge, and voila, you're done after one whole hour of your life has passed you by. But at least your face is on-point, right? Thanks, TikTok makeup trends

Jamsu Full Face Makeup Water Hack


Trying the Korean beauty hack Bella Hadid SWEARS BY!!! #beautyhacks #makeuphacks #makeuptutorial #jamsu

♬ original sound - ALISSIA

Dunking your face into cold water after you’ve applied your foundation, blush, and bronzer seems like a very, very bad idea. But, according to Cosmopolitan, Jamsu is the best Korean beauty hack you’ll ever try for a sweat-proof and melt-proof makeup experience.

The technique goes like this: Apply your foundation, concealer, blush, and bronzer like usual. Then, dust a light layer of baby or translucent powder over your face. Next, literally dunk your full-face-makeup into cold water for 15-30 seconds. Last, pat your skin dry with a clean towel and apply your eyeshadow, lips, and whatever finishing touches you need. 

The results? Your makeup will last all day. 

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