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19 Easy Summer Makeup Looks

The return of gloss, shimmery pastels, and bronzed skin.



Summer is officially here, and we’re opening back up our cosmetic bags for all the summer makeup looks. And with vaccines and mask mandates lifting, we are more than ready to unleash our lipstick and gloss addictions once again. It’s time for fun eyeshadow colors, magnetic lashes, and all the summery shades of blush that have been dormant for a year.


But not anymore. Scroll through Instagram, and you’ll see a world of celebrities, makeup artists, and beauty lovers alike celebrating the return of summer makeup. From brights pops of neon to winged-out eyeliner, anything goes as long as its sweat and waterproof.


And if you’re into the minimalist, natural look—don’t worry. That’s not going anywhere. We’ve rounded up easy makeup ideas with all the nude and neutrals colors, glowy skin, and natural lashes. Scroll through to find your next summer makeup look to try.

Effortless Glam


There isn’t a single person on earth who wouldn’t look killer in this effortlessly glam look. The goal? Let your eyes take center stage, which doesn’t have to be complicated. Brush up your brows, apply your glue-free lashes in literal seconds, and get out the door. Consider this your new brunch to date-night look. You’re welcome. 

No Makeup Fresh Skin



Olivia Calabio puts a fresh spin on "lit-from-within," and we're crushing. To get the look—ditch the matte foundation and give your skin a break. Embrace your natural side this summer with a glowy, dewy, glistening complexion that's attainable for all. Go minimalist with gloss, a touch of bronzer, and some seriously Lovely Lashes

Bright, Playful Lips


Now that we’re starting to mask-less, a pretty pop of bright lipstick will elevate any mood. Not into red? Paint your lips fuchsia or opt for a lip stain in any bold color. Grab your Baddy Magnetic Lashes, and you'll be summer-ready in no time.  

Three Dimensional Brows


Good news, the three-dimensional, natural and fluffy summer eyebrow trend is super uncomplicated. Brush up your eyebrows with brow gel (or that TikTok soap trick), then use a precision tip brow pencil to make short hair-like strokes where you might have gaps. Or, if you’re blessed with all-the-brow-hairs…there’s no need for a pencil. Lucky you.

Natural Glue-Free Lashes


Spotlight on natural-looking false lashes for summer, and you can get the look in seconds with Lashies™. This glue-free lash system with NanoGrip™ Technology makes applying falsies easier than ever. And the range of ultra-natural lash styles doesn’t disappoint either. 

Light Pastels


It’s all very simple. Sweep a pale pastel eyeshadow in a soft shimmery shade over your eyelids and blend, blend, blend. Then, add glue-free Lashies Liner in black to keep the look more sophisticated and less sweet. Add a pair of Classy Lashes to complete this gorgeous summer look. 

Brown Magnetic Liner and Lashes


Brown Magnetic Lashes and liner are a vibe you should familiarize yourself with for summer. This trending lash color adds a sweet-like-honey warmth to any eye shade, making them more vivid and bright.

That Beachy Glow


Bronzed skin, glossed lips, and waterproof lashes that apply in seconds? Pull up your summer lounge chair, please. You might need a minute to stop and stare (we don't blame you). Beauty influencer, Ale Jay, is absolutely crushing this beachy, glowy makeup look. 

Subtle Smokey Eyes


Sizzle all day and all night with this subtle smoky eye featuring Happy Lash. A sweep of soft brown eyeshadow into the contour of your lids and dark-smudged liner amps up your casual sexy vibes effortlessly.

Warm Terra Cotta Glow


Summer’s biggest cosmetic-color-crush is warm and earthy with a hint of red. Say hello to Terra-cotta. If you don’t have a lipstick, eyeshadow, or blush in this obsession-worthy shade—trust, you need it ASAP. This color is easy for anyone to pull off. 

90’s Throwback


No matter how you feel about it—Boy Meets World has a spin-off, and 90's brown lip liner contrasting a nude lipstick is trending once again in 2021. MoxieLash influencer, Andrea Childress, does it right by adding a pop of frosted eyeshadow with her mid-glam Flashy Magnetic Lashes.



There’s nothing a little gloss can’t help. Right? Even if it’s a million degrees outside, lipgloss on lips doesn’t melt off under heat. Add magnetic lashes and a dose of bronzer for this summer makeup look.


Bold Summer Lashes


Bold lashes, poppin’ lips, and highlight on-point. Why focus on elevating one feature when you can have it all? Sweep a shimmery bronze pigment onto your eyelid and contrast it with a darker brown eyeshadow in the contour for added drama. Last but definitely not least, level up the look with black Magnetic Liner and Money Lash for an ultra-glam appearance. 

Winged Magnetic Liner


A classic thick wing liner is timeless and seasonless. But summer heat can make it a little complicated if you're not careful. Avoid all the smudging and keep your liner fierce with waterproof eyeliner. This is a decision you won't regret. #wepromise 

Neon Splash


Adding neon to your summer makeup looks doesn’t have to be complicated. Sweep whatever bright shade you want onto your lids (or lips) and keep everything else neutral. Finding the balance is what makes this splash of color really work.

Dewy Bronze


More dew, less sweat is a total balance. It’s glow and glisten vs. drip and melt. You can get the look by adding a golden highlighter above your cheeks, corners of your eyes, and under your brow bone like makeup artist, Valentina. Add bronzer for a sun-kissed complexion. 

Soft and Peachy


Peach eyeshadow paired with a set of natural magnetic lashes is a summer dream come true. Add the sunset-inspired color to your lips and cheeks too, and you’ll be out the door in five minutes.


Fresh Pink Flush


Want a quick makeup routine for looking put together in mere minutes? Done. Apply the same light pink shade of blush across your cheeks and into the contour of your eyes. Next, lacquer your lips with a similar color for an easy summer-fresh look.  

Ultra Natural Eye Makeup


If you prefer a natural makeup look for summer, this sweet and simple eye makeup will do the trick. With just lashes and barely there bronzer, you can grab your sunnies and be out the door pronto.

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