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    How do I make my MoxieLash last longer?

    Your magnetic lashes will last you up to 30 uses with proper care and cleaning. Some clients have made theirs last longer by making sure to clean the magnets with a makeup cleaner. Always make sure to put your MoxieLash magnetic lashes back in their original packaging for safe-keeping in between uses and to remove any makeup on the lashes.


    Easy step to make your MoxieLash magnetic lashes last even longer:


    1. Do not sleep in your MoxeLash lashes. Sleeping in your magnetic lashes could ruin them permanently. Make sure you take them off before going to bed.
    2. Remove all unwanted makeup from your MoxieLash lashes. You can remove makeup from your eyes with the MoxieLash Olive Oil infused Q-Tips. Just swipe the Q-Tip along the eye area of any cosmetic residue.
    3. Make sure that you put your MoxieLash magnetic lashes back into their proper container. This is the box that they came in. It has magnets inside to hold the lashes in place so that they stay in good shape for you to wear again and again. Just slide your lashes next to the magnets, and they will easily click back into place. If for some reason they won’t magnetize back into the container, clean the magnets on your MoxieLash magnetic lash band. You can clean them with any makeup remover that works well with removing waterproof cosmetics.
    4. Do not apply mascara to your MoxieLash magnetic lashes directly. Make sure that you use your mascara before applying your MoxieLash magnetic lashes so that they don’t become damaged and ruined permanently from makeup. We want you to get your full 30 uses out of your magnetic lashes, so make sure you take really good care of them.

      Can I wear mascara with my MoxieLash?

      Yes, you can wear mascara with any of your MoxieLash lash styles. In fact, wearing mascara helps your MoxieLash magnetic lashes blend better with your natural lash; especially if you are blonde or have lighter lash hair. However, it is vital that you please make sure to apply your mascara prior to applying your magnetic lashes and not after so that you don’t get makeup on your lashes.


      It is really important that you don’t get wet mascara on your MoxieLash magnetic lashes as this can ruin them permanently. If you do get wet mascara or any other makeup on your MoxieLash magnetic lashes, please remove it quickly with our any water-resistant makeup remover. Our Q-Tips will help to quickly remove any unwanted makeup residue on your eyes.


      Again, We do not recommend putting mascara or our remover Q-tips directly onto your MoxieLash lashes as that could permanently damage them.


      Here are some basic steps for applying mascara with your MoxieLash magnetic lashes:


      1. Curl your lashes with your MoxieLash lash curler. Grasp your lashes in between your lash curler and bend your lash upwards to get a nice gorgeous curl. This step will also help your MoxieLash magnetic lashes blend with your natural ones.
      2. Next, apply your mascara of choice over your freshly curled lashes.  One layer of mascara should be enough, but if you want to do more, that’s great too!
      3. Apply your MoxieLash magnetic eyeliner. You can start by applying your magnetic liquid or gel liner at the inner corner of your eye and sweeping it along your upper lash line until you get to the outer edge. You can choose the gel liner for a more matte liner look (a little easier to use if your new to liner), or our magnetic liquid eyeliner for more precision and a fine line.
      4. Then apply your MoxieLash magnetic lash extensions over your eyeliner making sure it’s very close to your lash line. You can check out the MoxieLash method for more details on application tips, plus watch out ‘How To’ tutorials.
      5. Your lashes should look amazing as is, but if you want to get picky, take  a spoolie or clean disposable mascara wand and try brushing underneath your natural lashes to blend them with your MoxieLash magnetic lashes.

          How do I clean my MoxieLash?

          If you happen to get any makeup on your MoxieLash lash styles, don’t worry, but please make sure you get it off! You can remove makeup from your lashes easily with oil free micellar water. As our liner is waterproof, be sure your removal solution is designed for water-resistant makeup. Be careful though, and remember to be as gentle as possible as you take off any cosmetics and are cleaning your lashes; you don’t want to damage your MoxieLash lash styles.

          Warning! Please do not use your olive oil q-tips, or any oil based product on your MoxieLash lashes! Oil can cause damage to your lashes that can make them unusable.

          Here are some easy step-by-step instructions for cleaning your MoxieLash magnetic lashes and making sure they stay in good shape:

          -Once you remove your lashes, put them directly into the case and only clean one at a time so that you don’t misplace or damage the one not being cleaned.

          -Take your MoxieLash magnetic lash and grip it gently between your fingers. Be sure you are holding the band, and not the lashes or magnets as this could damage your MoxieLash magnetic lashes.

          -Now, take your MoxieLash Olive Oil infused Q-Tip (our remover) and brush it over your eyelid to remove excess liner. This should easily and effectively remove it without any problem. No soaking or scrubbing your lashes needed! Just a simple and easy removal.

          -It’s important to make sure that you also remove any makeup residue from the magnetic portion of your MoxieLash magnetic lashes in case you get magnetic eyeliner on it. This can be cleaned easily with any oil free micellar water designed for water-resistant makeup. Simply apply micellar water to a clean Q-Tip or soft tissue, and wipe the surface of the magnet clean! Be gentle though and make sure to grasp your lash at the band and not the actual lash hairs.

            How do I take off my MoxieLash?

            Here’s the good news, taking off your MoxieLash magnetic lashes is really simple. And, here’s a major bonus, you don’t have to remove sticky glue or worry about accidentally removing your false lashes and ripping out your natural ones in the process. MoxieLash magnetic lashes are easy to apply and just as easy to take off. We did the work for you by creating a high-tech lash product that gives you full and gorgeous lashes in seconds without the damage. Cool, right?


            Here are some simple instructions with tips and tricks for removing your MoxieLash magnetic lash styles quickly without any lash damage or sticky glue removal!


            1. Grab the edge of your lash; make sure you are grasping the lash band and not the lashes or magnets themselves. Lift the outer corner of your MoxieLash lash style so that you get a good grip.
            2. Remove your magnetic lash by gently pulling towards your inner eye. It will come off, and you don’t have to worry about any eyelash damage. We’ve made removal that easy! Also, it won’t hurt to remove either which is a major bonus if we do say ourselves. All for a hassle-free AND safe removal of your gorgeous and full, MoxieLash magnetic lashes.
            3. Please make sure that once your MoxieLash lash styles are removed, that you put them back into the packaging they came in for safe-keeping and to prevent any damage. Make sure to click them back onto the magnetic portion of their packaging, so they are not loose in the package. This also helps with maintaining the magnetization on your magnetic lashes. Putting them onto the magnetic portion of the box will allow them to stay in good shape so that you can reuse them again and again. (Up to 30 uses with proper care)!

              How do I use my MoxieLash styles?

              Our MoxieLash lashes were created to fit you and your lifestyle whether you’re a homebody or a wild child. When you apply your MoxieLash eyeliner and lashes with the MoxieLash Method, you lock each lash into place. No budging, no moving around, no coming off unless you want them to. You are in control.


              You can use your lashes every-single-day as part of your “get ready” routine without any worry that your natural lashes will be damaged and break. Or, you can save them for a special occasion like your wedding, a prom, a gala, or any other time you want to feel a little, or a lot, extra. Either way, our lashes will last you up to thirty uses and our magnetic eyeliner up to 100.


              Here are some basic tips and tricks for learning how to use your MoxieLash styles.


              1. Prep: You do not want to apply your mascara once your lashes are in place as it could potentially ruin them. So, if you are going to wear mascara, make sure you use it before you swipe on your magnetic eyeliner and attach those lashes.


              1. Line: Our magnetic eyeliner is the technology you’ve waited for. Just apply your eyeliner close to your lash line, starting at the inner eye and extending towards the end. If you aren't used to a liquid or gel eyeliner, remember, that practice makes perfect, and watching out tutorials will help immensely.


              1. Lash:Now that you’ve lined your lash-line with the magnetic eyeliner, you can attach your MoxieLash lash style. Just fit your magnetic lash next to your lash-line and watch it magnetize into place.


              1. Dash: Really, it’s that simple! It’s easy on, again and again.


              It’s pretty easy to become obsessed with MoxieLash once you give them a try. Check out our tutorial page and watch our Moxie Babes teach you the MoxieLash Method and give you a few application tips and tricks too.


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