How to: Clean Your Lashies False Eyelashes

And make them last longer!



Do you have Lashies false eyelashes? Do you want to know how to remove them so you can get multiple wears? In this blog post, we're going to give you a few tips on the best way to take off your false lashes so you can rewear them up to 20 times. With Nanogrip™ Lash Technology, it's essential to follow all of the steps that we outline below so that you don't damage your falsies.



What Are Lashies?


What are Lashies glue free and magnet free false eyelashes? 

Lashies are the newest innovation in lashes engineered by MoxieLash, and they're pretty amazing. It features a NanoGrip™ Technology band that is activated by our clear or black Lashie Liner to create a glue-free, magnet-free attraction. With over 20 uses per lash, we guarantee that you will absolutely love them. 


Are These False Eyelashes Easy to Apply? 

 Are Lashies false lashes easy to apply?


Remember your first experience applying glue-on lashes, and how terrible it was? We've all been there, done that. Lashies brings you your favorite lash look, but without the complication. The only learning cure is applying the eyeliner...and if you try the clear option, it's even more simplified.


Here's how to apply your glue-free, metal-free Lashies in under 2 minutes:


Step 1: Get your favorite lash style ready to go. We recommend having them already removed from the case in a way that's easy to grab. 


Step 2: Apply any eyeshadow or mascara prior to applying your liner.


How to apply clear eyeliner


Step 3: Trace your lash-line with your Lashies Eyeliner. Do not let eyeliner dry.


How to apply false eyelashes in seconds.


Step 4: IMMEDIATELY place on your lash style. 


Now you're ready to go! This whole process is pretty simple, and you'll get a 24 hour hold. 


 Lashies Are Here For You With Easy Removal!

Lashies are here with easy removal! 

Removing your Lashies isn't complicated—but you do need to follow the steps. If you skip these tips and rip off your lash style without prepping the removal first, you'll ultimately damage them! So if you want more than one or two applications, but instead at least 20 (which is a lot!), keep reading for all the best secrets on making sure they last longer.

How to remove Lashies false eyelashes:


1. Soak a cotton swab with the oil-free All-In-One Makeup Remover and let the lash band soak for a few seconds.


2. Once it starts to lift by itself—gently grasp the outside of the lash with your fingers and remover.


3. Remove your Lashies Liner on your lash line with the All-In-1 Makeup Remover as well.


4. Place Lashies back into the case they came in for protection.


How to Clean Your Lashies Lashes In Between Use


To get the most out of your Lashies, we do recommend cleaning them between each use. After removing your  lashes, soak a clean q-tip with our oil-free All-In-One makeup remover. Gently swipe and roll the cleaner against the lash bands to remove any liner residue. Once clean, return them to their case for storage until next time you wear them again! 



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